Summarization: A Method of Conquering Tough Material

So, in these last days before the Spring 2016 semester, I have enjoyed the diligent work of summarizing more-or-less technical information to get the main points extracted.  As well as trimming extensive detail, I’ve gone an extra step in trimming jargon.  It is a rewarding task that not only is a good method of sharing information, but of personal learning as well.  Some summarized points may appear in future works (perhaps including blog posts!).  And if I need the original detail, it is a good idea to cite the original source(s) in order to track them.

Often, it may be equally smart to give priority to websites over printed books, since information is always subject to change and while the web can be updated, books require revised editions every few years if they are to remain current.  Books can be useful, but will inevitably show their age.  The web, on the other hand, has given a “fountain of youth” to information.

While I do well in understanding deep information, not everyone does.  No problem though, you can use “lighter” materials and thus derive, of course, an even lighter summary!

This is quite “sum” labor of love here!

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