Organic Residue Is 247 Million Years Old?

In Poland, researchers discovered breakdown products of proteins (that is, amino acids) located in blood vessels supposedly trapped millions of years ago in fossils.  These led to an assumption of an evolutionary link with buildup and decay of modern proteins, in this case collagen.

At least these scientists knew about the iron coating on the inner surface of the vessels, as a result of the sediments deposited, especially aided by the Noachian flood.  The iron coat supposedly helps amino acids (and thus proteins) cross-link with one another.  Concerning this decidedly sedimentary deposit, the Polish scientists reasoned this would preserve the protein.  Ha!  Never happened.  Protein decay into its constituent amino acids is fairly quick, and they don’t even last even one million years old.

Therefore we conclude that while the iron coating is a genuine, observational scientific discovery, the excuse of cross-linking in this reptile (that never happened) is just an evolutionary scheme.

For details, click the link below, courtesy ICR (Institute for Creation Research.)

Source: Organic Residue Is 247 Million Years Old?

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