Guess What? I Might Make a Good Tutor!

Well, with some experience so far with currently tutoring an illiterate young man how to read, and helping another girl get her GED a few years ago by tutoring her on the math portion of the test, chances are I might as well pursue tutoring (after college, that is) as a professional position!

By the way, I adjusted my major choice.  The application to West Chester University, my intended school after Community College of Philadelphia, has a “primary” option, i.e., your first choice of major, and a “secondary,” or backup, option.  I relegated the general biology to the secondary option, and for the primary option, changed it to the Biology Education.  In case you didn’t know, most of the Pennsylvania “state schools,” now comprehensive universities, started out as teacher’s colleges.  (I am still focused on biology because I have read so much collegiate material on such but have never taken any biology class so far in college, but will starting this fall.  In other words, “over-read, under-taught.”  But I can definitely build my repertoire beyond biology later on!)

But don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT saying I’m necessarily going to be a real teacher.  Today’s teachers must deal with many administrative issues and must keep obnoxiously organized.  But I still am capable of one-on-one tutoring.  Tutoring is very rewarding work, especially if you, like me, love sharing your knowledge (as well as learning new things and keeping up with the times), helping students in need and getting to know them, and can try to condescend your mind to the student’s level.  It is surely a “labor of love.”

Once I finish college and enter into the workforce, a potentially perfect option is “Tutor Delphia,” a Philadelphia-based tutoring consortium.  If you wish, check the website out at

In any case, I trust all plans to God’s will, and whatever path He leads me to, I will follow.

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