Zeroing In On Your True Interests

Biology degrees, unlike physical science degrees (i.e., chemistry, physics, geology, etc.), tend to have a whole bunch of course options for biology elective credit, which you can pick to a total of, say, 5-8 courses.  Moreover, different schools have different “concentration” programs, to orient you in a certain direction.  Yet for me, I prefer the general degrees because you can tailor it to your (mostly) exact interests.

The CCP Biology I (taking now) and Biology II (spring) should give me a general idea, and can give a further standard against which colleges to judge.  The top 3 options currently are West Chester, Widener, and ESU (East Stroudsburg University).  One of my sisters has studied at ESU.  While they all have their own merits, I should tour all of them to determine what college serves me best.

And I am discerning which courses (and their general subject areas) to take, which is more of getting a feel for them than actually deciding.  After all, we should take things one semester at a time.  But I can say my favorite types of courses are ones that primarily involve “action,” e.g., physiology, rather than structure or identification, e.g., anatomy, morphology, pathology, systematics, etc.  But again, you won’t like everything in college.

In this age of information, specialization is paramount.  You can’t really be a generalist anymore and get much done, aside from actually learning the stuff.  While I wouldn’t call such an endeavor a “waste,” it’s far less fruitful than if you just do one thing and do it right.  Brain capacity is constant, yet information quantity is skyrocketing.  So we must each do our part and “zero in!”

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