A Better Idea

For those very things I was to use a “standard” website for, I may just put them on, yes, this blog!

The same principle applies:  no site or source is an island.  This is true of both the Internet and libraries.  And since everyone has different goals of research, claiming that “one site does it all” is quite cavalier.

However, this very blog is a perfect way to communicate information I have learned recently, or not-so-recently.  Whether it’s an issue that may warrant comment, or if I am simply sharing a neat topic I have learned (whether voluntarily or not), this is a great place to discuss it.  And of course, as I progress though my academic endeavors, I become more and more qualified to write about more and more things.  My community college library (and possibly, the one of the university I attend), public libraries (especially the Philadelphia “Central” Library), books I own, and of course, the internet; are all great potential sources that I have access to.  Perhaps the best blog posts concern how academic facts impact daily life.

Well, everything should be back to normal now!

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