Another Nifty College/Career Idea

As interesting (and awesome) certain areas of biology can get, few jobs directly requiring a bachelor’s in biology are appealing.  I don’t imagine myself in a white lab coat or in environmental work.  It just isn’t “me.”

And that is true for many majors.  Thank God, however, I am quite a good writer.  If I ever feel a good use for my writing as a career, I will likely get a minor as well.  And if so, I would perhaps accompany my biology major with, yes, a physics minor.

Wait, physics?  Everything that is in the physical world is governed by physical laws.  But you may still be wondering why that could be useful.

So, where does writing come into play?  Well, my dream is to write different materials; whether books, articles, a website, or even blog posts like this; concerning how nature has preceded our best scientific and technological feats (wait, is it our feat, or other creatures’?)

Remember, however, as we all work without necessarily achieving great status (click here, also check Eccl 2:17-26), don’t expect a comprehensive work covering every life form out there!  I’ll  just take it one written piece at a time.

So, if this is appropriate, wish me God’s blessings, both in work and the necessary study prior to then.

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