Late-Summer Delights

The sands are trickling down on the summer of 2018 hourglass, and we soon rotate the glass around for another autumnal round. I took a walk to my town’s park with a friend, and I made a video along the way.

I shot this walking down a street in Pottstown, PA, USA.  Pardon poor audio, I suffer from a dry mouth sometimes, causing speech issues.

Years ago, late August meant the peak of summer activities, i.e., our family vacation in South Carolina. I eventually became skeptical if it was truly summer or not, based on leaves that have changed, and was preoccupied with different factors that could cause it. Yet the same leaf dumping can happen in points before then.

But I think we should let God drive nature in its own course. Instead of attacking this drop of leaves here and there as a threat, we should view it in its beauty as a dress rehearsal for the true autumnal presentation. After all, autumn is a glorious season using superficial signs (the colors of these leaves) showing a deeper reality of laying aside unnecessary things.

A botanical process is equivalent to this: the tree needs the leaves’ nutrients from what it can use for the next season’s growth; the remainder is junk to the plant. But remember, even their decomposition will benefit the plant.  Similarly, better things from there will pop up in life.

And of course, crops must be harvested so the cycle goes on. Life is all about cycles. They keep it running.

Mushrooms next to a tree.

But this warm evening was lovely, and enjoyable just to observe nature and enjoy the nice breeze.

Black-eyed Susan, a common flower in late summer and early autumn.

Anyway, enjoy this tail end of summer. The dog days aren’t done yet. (Wag). But they will soon. When they are, then start your fall cleaning.