Library Technology May Keep the Library More Popular and Useful


I still have my library card from my most recent stopping grounds: Philadelphia in the eastern United States.  It was also my hometown.  Other people in Pennsylvania (the state where Philadelphia is located) can obtain one with an ID or Driver’s License.

But the real aim of this article is not to advertise use of the library, but demonstrate a high-tech library service.  With your computer, you can search through databases, which provide remote access to a computer system, so you can supplement traditional print material with a high-tech edge.  And if you like a hard copy, print it!  LOL

Better yet, most (if not all) content be can be accessed at home through your library card by entering the data, namely, your library account number and the PIN.  Different jurisdictional levels, whether states, counties, and municipalities within may have different access protocols, but count your blessings in terms of what you can research and not what you can’t.  (Phil 4:11-13 ESV)

One of my favorites is the Gale Group’s ebooks, a company that covers many topics. Science, history, art, politics, religion, you name it.  Even fake news.  LOL

There are many other resources you can delve into.  So, what if you like physical books though?  No worries, your library will always be there for you, and if you need information that may be tricky to learn, the librarian is right to the rescue!

Whether you prefer physical books (which are still around, mind you) or electronic sources, the library is always on your side.

Ready to explore?

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