Welcome Back, Readers!

Back by popular demand, it’s Frank Carr again, a youngish, kindly, happy-go-lucky Christian man of 33 who has tons of insights on all different topics I choose to investigate.

Today is a “blog-warming” post, so don’t expect much here. I have always worried that I was ill-qualified to write much of the content I have had interest in. Now, I just make the blog posts and leave accuracy to the specialists of the different fields. This is especially in terms of the Christian value of humility, because after all, God created everything that exists and scientific potential is limited in humans. And that’s why science, pun intended, evolves! (Thank you, Mr. Darwin.) Always remember many scientists are unbelievers, and God is the only One who can actually “save.”

And there’s more to this blog than science. Most of all, in some posts, I will connect ideas across different disciplines, often with ethical discussion. Some readers may take these posts with a grain of salt, but my policy is to present, not debate. (You can certainly ask questions, though.)

By the way, I am learning the Russian language! I also belong to the Kiwanis club in my town.

One more thing: in a few years, I would love to get into amateur (aka “citizen”) science projects. This is also an aid to writing, and a great hobby throughout my adult life, which allows you to see the big picture and/or details and showing gratitude to this world God created.

May God bless everyone who is connected to my blogging practice: me, family and friends, content sources, professors, even my doctor!