Summer Send-Off

I took a walk to Clark Park, a Philadelphia park in University City (home to Penn, Drexel and the University of the Sciences, the third being directly adjacent), late yesterday afternoon.  At the park, I started reading Michael Crichton’s novel “Congo.”  I also talked to some young grad student guys from Temple, along with another young lady.

As summer soon goes down the drain (as the weather attests; it was somewhat fall-like that day), I look forward to fall and all it has to offer. One tulip tree (I think that’s what it was), as it often does late in the summer, had some beautiful, smooth yellow “autumn” leaves amidst the green majority, and while I tend to “count on” and overanalyze the trees’ green color too much in the summer (especially in August), sometimes it’s best to let nature take its own course. And with this tulip tree, I seriously appreciated its beauty (especially of the yellow leaves), as it shows God’s creative beauty in action.

And perhaps in college, as a Bio major hopeful, maybe I’ll learn more about it.  Otherwise, at least God has a purpose for the timing of his creative cycles, and I should just be content with it.  After all, trees don’t know month boundaries!  But whether I pursue a college biology major or not, collegiate textbooks and other tools are available, as I already, for quite a few years, have enjoyed them for pleasure reading, believe it or not.

Well, I am ready to embrace fall whenever it comes, for all its paraphernalia, from the pretty leaves just mentioned, to pumpkin pie, to the cool breezes that you can’t beat.  (As for football, I’m more complacent).  In fact, fall may be my favorite season.  But whatever summer you can squeeze out of these last few days of August, I’ll take that as well.