“Cedar City Books” – Another Great Occupational Idea!

Yippee! The first of these “Seven Sisters of Text” has been sold through Amazon. In fact, when shipping, I will mark it anonymously (under the name “Cedar City Books”) on the return address. I will ship it tomorrow at the post office, then shortly get my money by the click of a button. To further keep anonymity strong, I don’t disclose my Apt# on the return address.  Thus, people won’t be able to tell it’s from a residential source, since that’s none of their concern.
A selection of Swedish books (though I only speak English). But books are books!
Maybe, if I feel bookselling is a good calling, maybe I won’t even need college, as long as a bookseller is able to train/mentor me and then when the time is right, start my own book business, which could be brick-and-mortar and/or web based. And don’t fret, I can probably use my existing talents just as well.  Of course, blogging and other writing is definitely one, though there are certain factors, such as audience, editing, and mass publication that must be considered, which may go wrong causing quite an embarrassment.
As for the standard collegiate biology zeal; to tell the truth, that is just one of many subjects I like.  Being the bookworm I am, I have my whole life to explore all kinds of subjects in various depths.  But I, being somewhat traditional among Millennials (often in line with Baby Boomers, etc.), still like the fact of holding of a physical book.
And of course, as a Christian, maybe I could work in a church library, not to mention be more open to both Christian and secular books at “Cedar City.”
In the next post, I will discuss an alternative career that is similar.  (It’s a surprise, so don’t let the suspense kill you.  Here’s a hint:  this one needs college.)
So gather into a “nook” of your house near a “kindling” fireplace and enjoy a real book!  There’s nothing like it.