The Simpsons – TV’s Greatest Primetime Cartoon

In the early 1960s, cartoons came to primetime TV, for instance, the Flintstones. Today these shows are cherished as wholesome (and funny) family shows. But not then. It was sponsored by Winston cigarettes, after all! (Tobacco commercials were banned in 1971.)

The 70s and 80s offered little adult animation. Come until the very end of 1989, though, a show called “The Simpsons” premiered on the Fox TV network, only a few years after its 1986 inception.

Being an adult animated sitcom, while tame by today’s standards, still can be off color, citing places in their town of Springfield such as a sperm bank and a burning tire mountain.

Homer and Marge Simpson are the parents of the three Simpson kids. Homer, a nuclear plant operator, is yet quite dimwitted (and loves doughnuts to death). Marge, the mom, wears an towering blue hairdo. Bart, the eldest Simpson child, was a 10 y/o smart-Alec par excellence. Lisa, the middle of the three Simpson kids, is a 8 year old sweetie who is a whiz at the saxophone. And the youngest? Maggie, who is just a baby with a pacifier.

Given this is a cartoon, nobody ages or dies. And the Simpsons are always likely to change phone numbers, addresses, and similar communication details.

While it’s adult humor is more modest today (it probably will be tough to make it to TBS or Adult Swim, a late-night adult cartoon block), it remains for over 3 decades of laughs among adults, teens, and older children.

Also, if you want, check out the 2007 Simpsons Movie. (PG-13). It’s supposed to be good, with mild adult humor.