If “Anything Can Happen in Jersey”…


Does that mean that anything can’t happen in Pennsylvania (where I live)?  Or other state?  Or abroad?  And it says nothing about the quality of what is happening.

In case you don’t know, this is the New Jersey Lottery’s current slogan.  Now don’t get me wrong, New Jersey is a lovely state, especially in the southern parts.  After all, Philadelphia, PA is directly across the Delaware River from New Jersey.  Further north, closer to New York City, it gets somewhat of a bad reputation from New Yorkers.  Philadelphians and other nearby Pennsylvanians complain about their driving, but that’s about it.

Believe it or not,  New Jersey, like other mid-Atlantic areas like the DC Metro, is very wealthy.  Several counties are just as suburban to Philadelphia as the ones in Pennsylvania.  Also, on my side of the river, the 4 richest counties are actually the four in the Philadelphia suburban counties, namely, Chester, Bucks, Montgomery, and Delaware (the county, not the state).  Most of Pennsylvania, while having much natural beauty (especially from its mountains) is where coal and steel reigned supreme.

Maybe this slogan is an arrogant and short-sighted way to appease New Jersey out of the trauma it has suffered after Superstorm Sandy.  In the summer of 2013, after Sandy’s 2012 ordeal, New Jersey claimed to be “stronger than the storm.”  Not only is it cocky, but it borders on blasphemy.  After all, God is in control, and we must trust his sovereign will.  Nobody is stronger than the Lord Almighty!

My conclusion:  Anything can happen anywhere.  Period.  And it doesn’t mean it’s good.  So to the powers that be in Trenton, think up a new slogan.