My Rant Against Summer

Well, readers, we’ve made it to the summer solstice of 2016.

In my opinion, summer is overrated.  Most people love summer and for many it is their favorite season.  It poses like a time not only separated from the rest of the year (as in schools and television), but the most celebrated of the four seasons.  But summer zips by, since as we all know, as right after you enter, September is knocking on your door.  Yep, the hype sure isn’t worth it.

Summer 3D Text on Sand HD Wallpaper

And alas, many students have to spend the latter end of summer (i.e., late August) in class.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy school, and that’s the whole concept of this post.  But they shouldn’t be subjected to oppressive heat before their time.

Have people lost the aesthetic sense for spring and fall?  In the spring flowers are king; in autumn, leaves rule.  And while winter may be a brutal cousin to summer, there is still beauty therein, especially in the snowfall and the deep vistas that are somewhat hindered by the obstruction appropriate to spring, summer, or autumn.

Many senior citizens move to Florida after retirement.  While their winter is mild, summer is scorching.  I feel sorry for them and how unbearable the heat is in summer.  Thus, I don’t see how that is wise.  But hey, they’re the ones who make that choice.  It is what it is.

So summer, like the other three seasons, is here to stay.  The only major thing I like about summer is the potential for various enjoyable activities appropriate for the season.  So as we pass through the rest of June, July, and August, given the fact it doesn’t last, get the most out of it.

Again, summer is what it is, one among the four seasons, not above them.