“Evolve” and “Express”: Two Subtle Yet Loaded Biological Words

As you may know, I just started my Biology class, and while the focus right now is on the basics of biochemistry, I can state two words that are part and parcel of biology, yet may be overlooked when one reads biological materials.  These are “evolve” and “express.”

One, “express,” is what it means:  proteins encoded by the cell’s DNA.  While you should know about the basic scheme of DNA –> RNA –> Protein; for most people, the details aren’t so important.  RN A, by the way, is the “bridge” molecule carrying the instructions for the necessary proteins.  In a nutshell, DNA is proclaiming its intended form for that cell’s needs.  (Which is why proteins are important in the diet.)  Still, it a word that can be overlooked, so I feel like I needed to advise science students or mere science lovers about this.  (True scientists themselves probably already have it right.)

“Evolve” on the other hand is much weightier.  Probably, everyone knows about Charles Darwin, who, as he embarked on his ship (the Beagle),  identified some subtle differences among the finches on the Galapagos Islands.  This is the primary basis of the evolutionary theory.  (Of course, he had some far more innocent experiment on plant movements, and perhaps others, but that’s beside the point.Now while I personally am a young-earth believer, it’s not my place to pick on or quarrel with those who believe otherwise.

The only word, to creationists like me, that one should especially worry about is “evolve.”  Fortunately, the sentence in a secular book can be modified (in your head, that is; let’s not put tons of white-out to “restore” the book to less-than-pristine condition!).  This process simply removes or substitutes words suggesting evolution.  For instance:

“This animal evolved this structure/function…”

Instead, say it has this structure/function (i.e., as God created it)!

See how fun and easy creationist thinking is? And, boy, 6000-odd years is much more manipulative than a timescale of millions or billions of years.  And even when professors torture students with the gory details of evolution and/or an old earth, creationism keeps simplicity.

Conclusion:  Biology (and other sciences) can do without evolution, despite Theodosius Dobshansky’s claim on biology.