Late-20s Health Consciousness

(Disclaimer:  This is not medical advice.  Check with your doctor for that.)

In less than a year and a half, I leave my twenties and enter the decade that is the bridge between youth and middle age.  Yep, none other than the thirties.

Among the issues in the 30s are the onset of graying/balding hair, wrinkles, bone density loss, and possibly some modest eye and ear changes.  Thankfully, most eye issues don’t become common in the 40s and beyond.  Also, potential arthritis in certain region(s) of the body might be on the horizon.  I’m already obese, and do have a receding hairline.  Plus hypertension and high cholesterol.  And pesky senior moments.

Yet before then, I resolve (two months early, LOL) to improve my diet, and when possible, get more exercise.  In the way, this is like “beating the clock.”

Today, I went grocery shopping, based on information from WebMD, and was able to wisely judge what foods I’ll take and what foods I’ll skip.  These decisions took into consideration about sugary foods like honey and maple syrup, and transitioning from margarine to certain oils, like olive or canola.  Fruits should also be consumed in moderation (due to their sugars).  Fortunately, I seldom drink alcohol, though I have a characteristic “beer belly” as such.

I could go on and on about the different annoyances of aging, but to put it in a nutshell, keeping youthful as possible is just another core duty of adulthood, except it strikes later on.  You can join Facebook at 13; drive at 16 or 17; vote, marry, and smoke at 18; drink and gamble at casinos at 21; but 30 is more ominous.  (It’s strange that age 20 means virtually nothing, LOL).  At one time age 30 was more truly middle-aged, but that nowadays that nucleus probably stands around 40 or so.

Here’s the good news.  While your body crumbles down the decades, we are freed from it at death.  And believers, according to God’s Word, will eternally enjoy a heavenly world without pain, sorrow, tears, etc. (cf. Rev 21:4).  Plus, your body will be resurrected (cf. 1 Cor 15), and analogously the created order (cf. 8:18-23).  While God did not provided many details, he gives enough information for the sake of hope (Rom 8:24, 25).  But God already has an ultimate retirement plan (namely, heaven) that trumps all earthly ills.  (Whether you get a good retirement plan is between you, your financial planner, and God)

So whether you are 18 or 88, count your blessings, keep disciplined in all realms (physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, etc.) and trust in the Lord.  Amen.