Today’s Way to Research

As regular passengers on the information superhighway, we see the beauty and splendor of many things, by viewing pictures and video, learning about our natural and man made world right at our fingertips.

Unlike print reference books (e.g., encyclopedias), which are limited in scope, websites come in all shapes and sizes, as well as different levels, from stuff for children to highly scholarly works (which even many adults can’t get!)

At one time, only college students themselves had access to the much of this material. The internet has opened the floodgates of quality knowledge.

One particular source of knowledge I capitalize on is websites from actual college courses, especially scientific ones. Such sites are perfect for those who may have already out of college for many years. So go ahead, google them! Need to review (or even first learn) more basic concepts prior to them? No problem! Google them as well. Among the most common issues among readers are math in articles.

By the way, I happen to be an adult college student myself, and hopefully want to transfer from community college to a university soon. I plan to study Biology there, and probably will know quite a bit.

Also, a disclaimer: keep Wikipedia use to a minimum. Many writers are unqualified in their topics. While Wikipedia allows easy cross-reference power among pages, it is often more noble to scour the web to get more genuine information.

As for domains, I’m not going to belabor the quality (or lack thereof) of each one. You probably know that stuff from other sources. Judge for yourself.

And finally, glorify God in all you learn. Of course, if perhaps God is calling you to more schooling, consider it. Otherwise you have a globe of knowledge at your fingertips. And of course, people have different standards of intellectual satiety, so the web will serve to satisfy that easily.

And don’t forget regular Scripture study! That leads to better discernment on seeing what is true or not. Secular knowledge alone is not enough, we need wisdom from God to focus on what we’re geared to and what we aren’t.

Anyway, keep exploring our world in whatever areas of knowledge you please (and is possible) before God calls you home. Then you’ll see God for who He really is, and the exact truth that human endeavors have approximated!

May God bless your googling!