Now It’s Freddy’s Turn

Jason’s demise is followed by that of Freddy Krueger.  Freddy with his “knife hands” seemed a little subtler.  While not crucial (since he attacked during dreams), it will free kids of the 21st century from that 1980s terror.

Here’s an idea:  analyze his dreams over a sufficient period, say, 30 days. If they are adequate, a doctor (particularly a neurologist) will administer Freddy an EEG, and they think it was congenital.  Freddy gets an operation to replace his knife hands with 3-D printed prosthetic hands.  And once he has officially recovered, he becomes human, like anyone else.  Several years and/or decades later, he dies naturally.  And there is now a truce.

Pies and Pizzas Boom in Popularity on this Special Day

Why are pizzas and “pies” have their own day?

It’s Pi(e) day.

Pi (the Greek letter π) the constant roughly about 3.14, is used in certain mathematical contexts (geometry, trigonometry, calculus, etc.)

But stores interpret that in a new day and age added to the have popularized it (especially pizzerias and bakeries) as a price tag of 3.14, which resonates with the laymen better.

Greek is probably one of the most well-known alphabets outside the Latin.  It is also the parent of the Cyrillic alphabet, found in languages like Russian and many others.  The Greek is also used as the New Testament Scripture, and the Septuagint translation of Old Testament.