Flow Chart Evangelism

I did some study of the OT book of Ezekiel. And I was extracting the theme of the Christian responsibility of “sharing the Good News.”

But an even more ingenious addition to Bible studies is the concept of flow charts. While they are a secular tool and are generally used in software development, flow charts are a reasoning aid that can helps organizing Scripture study, especially when observing multiple decisions.

Alright, back to Ezekiel. God commanded Ezekiel to warn the people of the sin they commit. Here’s the lineup:

1). No warning, no change among the people–Ezekiel will be held responsible for their judgment

2). Warning, no change–sinners will be judged, but Ezekiel is not responsible for such.

3). Warning, repentance–both Ezekiel and the public are safe.

If made into a flow chart, you can get a visual to help you grasp the idea. This is useful for me and other brothers and sisters in the Lord who are mainly visual learners. And no worries if you don’t know about flow charts. You can organize Scripture understanding when you study your Bible using any method appropriate.

Remember, I’m not trying to preach, whether about Scripture or this method of studying it. It’s just a handy guide.