While I am a biology hopeful, I enjoy many areas of knowledge throughout natural sciences and beyond. Moreover, I definitely have a scientific mind: testing hypotheses and conclusions, as well as using control variables in experiments. This page is a source of topics on the web that can be used by our readers. Enjoy!

Kimball’s Biology Pages

This text, itself derived from a old biology textbook, is a treasure trove of college level biology. My favorite method is a lineup just like a syllabus for an actual biology class!


A map like page showing relations among the different topics of physics and similar topics, as well as the necessary math background.

Earth Life

This fascinating zoology site discusses many of the fauna and their mostly common physiological purposes geared toward different environments, leading to a variety of structures. From the sponges to mammals, this site will show you the great unity and diversity of animals that illustrates that they are so close, and yet so far, to each other.

The Botanist in the Kitchen

A blog that brings botany home-sweet-home


An Austrian site about mollusks. (And yes, it’s in English)

Insects (NC State U)

This website gets creepy crawly by delving into the awesome world of insects. When you hover over an underlined word or phrase, it shows the relevant structure by highlighting it.

Insects (Blog)

Another great site about insects, this one constructed as a blog.


Birds. Those (mostly) beautiful and diverse life forms that we watch and enjoy in so many ways is now yours to discover. This robust multimedia source uses animation, video, audio, etc., to deliver the wide world of birds.

Philadelphia Encyclopedia

Everything about Philadelphia history at your fingertips.

Water Encyclopedia

Your voyage for everything aquatic!