Secular Songs That Endorse Ideas or Activities Relevant to Christians

Whereas Christian music focuses on praise to God for salvation through Jesus, some secular songs have a message that can be admirable to Christians.   Let’s explore!

1. Crying in the Chapel (Elvis Presley, 1960/1965)

Originally recorded in 1960 (with existing coverage by previous singers), it didn’t achieve hit status until 1965.

Without further ado, the narrator at some chapel reported his tears were tears of joy. He then recommended whatever the issue, just head to the chapel and everything will be fine. I wonder what chapels allowed that. LOL

2.  Love Train (O’Jays, 1973)

Here, the vocalist, uses a train as a metaphor for constantly gathering people all around the world.  Countries or regions included were England, Russia, China, Africa, Egypt, Africa and Israel.  The point here is a platonic peace or ceasefire, not a romantic connection.

3.  For the Love of Money (O’ Jays, 1974)

This song really has a negative ring to it.  It profiles the ills of money, not its benefits.  Yet a positive message comes out it, in its inferred admonition to be careful of money.

4.  YMCA (The Village People, 1978)

The vocalist here recommends a young guy to check out the YMCA.  (Young Men’s Christian Association)

5.  In the Navy (The Village People, 1979)

While the narrator says the Navy is fun, but right after he really doesn’t want to enlist (for seasickness and overall fear of water as soon as he embarks on his voyage.)  Therefore, it helps the kids decide if they should join the Navy.

(They want you…)

There’s probably more there to this, but that’s what I remember for now.  Happy listening.



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